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Parent Night in Spanish Class

Parent Night in Spanish Class: Make it Great!

Is Parent Night at your school your favorite or most dreaded evening??

To be honest, going into it each year, I tell myself that I dread it. Why? Well, because I know that I have a very short time to make a good impression. And I know that every other teacher in the building is trying to do the same. How can I set myself apart?? How can I avoid being THE MOST BORING teacher the parents hear from that night??

Don’t worry! I have just the thing for you!!

Building Confidence with AP Students

Building Confidence with AP Spanish Students

I’ve been teaching AP Spanish and Language for a while now, and what sticks out to me about the beginning of each school year is the HIGH level of nervousness and anxiety that my students have, particularly with non-native speakers. How can we combat this self-doubt? How can we scaffold our activities to build confidence and comfort? How do What works in building confidence with our AP Spanish students? Keep reading!

Get Parents Involved in Spanish Class

Get Parents Involved in Spanish Class!

Is it possible to get parents involved in Spanish class???? Even when they took French in high school???

“I don’t speak Spanish, so I can’t help with Spanish class.”

Ever hear this statement from a parent or guardian? If you have been teaching at least a year or 2, for sure you’ve heard it! And if you’re just starting out, trust me…. it will come.

So why is it important to get parents involved in their child’s Spanish learning?

Oh so many reasons!!