Boom Cards For Spanish Class

Boom Cards For Spanish Class

Have you tried Boom Cards for Spanish class yet? They are an amazing tool to add to your toolbox of ways to keep your Spanish students engaged in their learning! With a FREE teacher account, you can browse the library of activities, download free activities and create your own too! With a paid version, you can track student progress and completion. For years, I just had the free account, and I only switched to a paid account to be able to sell some of the activities I created.

What Are Boom Cards?

Boom cards are digital flashcards. They are somewhat similar to quizlet flashcards. Each activity is called a deck, like a deck of cards. They are MUCH more versatile than quizlet flashcards, however. You can create multiple choice, drag and drop, hidden picture, fill in the blank, audio prompts or answers, reading comprehension, etc. The list is long! And the wonderful thing about Boom Cards is that students get INSTANT feedback with a ding if they’re correct, and it takes them to the next page, or a whoops if they’re wrong, and they get to try again! There is no correcting involved for you!

Ways To Use Boom Cards For Spanish Class

Here are some specific uses of Boom Cards for Spanish class, in case you’re wondering why they’re great. Though you may notice that there are a lot of decks aimed towards elementary students, high school students LOVE Boom Cards too! They can be something fast or more involved! I tend to use them for fast things like:

  1. New Tense Reinforcement: Students work through a deck to practice a new tense formation
  2. Tense Review: I think this is one of my favorites. It’s BORING to review grammar tenses! But with Boom Cards, it’s quick and it’s fun!
  3. Holiday messages: I love to create hidden pictures. I have one for Thanksgiving. Around that time, we are working on the imperfect. Students answer the prompts and find the right conjugation of the verb to reveal a picture and a message. It’s perfect on a day where concentration might be low, like the day before a holiday!
  4. Vocab review or reinforcement: You can find Boom Cards for Spanish class on just about any topic! Colors, numbers, clothing, food, etc! This would be a great way to sneak in a review of something that your students have learned in a previous unit or year!
Boom Cards for Spanish Class


I have some Boom Cards for Spanish class for sale, and one for free! There are tons more to choose from on their website! And all boom cards come with a preview of about 5 slides so you can see what you’re getting!

FREE Present Tense Review

Groundhog’s Day Hidden Picture Tense Review

Forming Questions Drag and Drop Boom Cards

Regular Preterite and Ir: Travel Theme Boom Cards

Boom Learning Website

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