AP Spanish Projects

AP Spanish Projects: Part 1

Need some ideas for AP Spanish projects? Assigning projects has so many benefits! When your students complete projects, it often allows you to offer choice to make their learning as personal as possible. It gives flexibility to have students work in groups or alone, depending on the goal. AP Spanish projects offer students a way to showcase their Spanish is a very impressive way!

AP Spanish Projects: Idea 1

Group presentations are one of my favorite kinds of projects! When students work in groups, especially when presenting, it gives them a sense of security that they are not presenting alone. Especially at the beginning of the year, this can be key to supporting student growth and confidence.

Another benefit is that teachers have less to grade! I usually create rubrics that have at least one part that is an individual grade, but many parts of the rubric will reflect the same score for all partners.

Check out this AP Artist Project! It’s a favorite! I love the part where the students interpret a piece of art by their artist!

AP Spanish Projects: Idea 2

The next logical kind of project to talk about would be an individual presentation. Students generally like these less because they are all by themselves. But I have come up with a way to combat that anxiety!

Check out this Final Presentation Project! Students present to the class on ANY topic that they want to share about! This year my students have done presentations on a deadly feline virus, Malaysia Flight 370, The Zodiac Killer, the mysterious death of Tupac and a US sniper called White Feather. You can’t believe the different topics they choose! And because they had complete freedom to choose the topic, their work is high quality and they are passionate about what they’re presenting! (Oh- and they have a strict 5 minute time limit!)

AP Spanish Projects: Idea 3

Let’s say you have a large class. There’s no way you could take a whole week for each student to do their own live presentation. Or, maybe your class is particularly shy, or it’s the beginning of the year and students are still feeling unsure. One of my best AP Spanish projects ideas is to have students create a visual presentation with audio recordings.

Here is a travel ad project I have my AP Spanish students complete during the Quality of Life unit. They are making a commercial, enticing the audience to visit a place in a Spanish-speaking country. But instead of presenting live, they record themselves. Then, on the day it’s due, each student pulls up their presentation on their Chromebook. They switch seats and watch each other’s commercials. I have a feedback sheet at every desk, so students can leave their compliments and thoughts! Now no one is presenting live, and everyone is happy!

Need More Ideas?

Stay tuned for the next post! We covered lots of ideas for presentational kinds of projects. Next week we will talk about writing projects!


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