AI for Spanish Teachers

AI For Spanish Teachers

Are you already on the AI bandwagon? Artificial Intelligence apps can bring some real creativity into the classroom! I will admit, I am one of those people that is often the last to jump on a trend. I didn’t wear capri pants until they were just about out of style! But I’m willing to explore and try new things when it comes to helping my students learn and engage. So, check out these AI sites for Spanish teachers!


This is a site where students need to create a free account. Once there, they design an avatar. There are lots of avatars to choose from, all the way from cute animals, to aliens to Jesus! Once they’ve designed an avatar, they can type in what they want the avatar to say. Then, students can choose the kind of voice they want their avatar to have. You can change it to speak in Spanish from Argentina, Spain, Mexico and more!

This is really fun for students, but 1 warning! Plan to give them plenty of time to play! They like to try different things out! I give them a time limit to just play around before I tell them it’s time to start the actual work. One way I have my students use this is to have them summarize something they read. They will type it, but it adds an element of fun to have their avatar say it! Here’s a link to a Voki assignment I had my students try at the beginning of a new unit about Science and Technology. They had to predict something about the future of science.

Adobe Express

This site is a lot like the Voki site I explained above. You can create a character and personalize it! But this site allows students to use their own voice to animate the voki instead of typing what they want the voki to say. Later you can download your animation.

I can think of several ways you could use this with students! They could share their download with another student who could respond to what the first student said! Here is a quick walk-through about how to get set up and what Adobe Express does!


This site is really interesting to try with students! A chatbot will have a conversation with your students! You can pick a general chat or you can choose a topic from a list of topics. A great scaffold this site has is a list of suggestions for students about how to continue the conversation. You can have students turn these off. I think this is my top pick for AI for Spanish teachers!

Providing some helpful phrases, like, “no entiendo” can help students keep going, and the chatbot will try again to help the student understand. I also like how the students can both see and hear the audio associated with the chat. They can replay the audio, and there is also a button to translate the written transcript of the audio. It’s a great tool!

Quick tutorial on how Gliglish works!


This is another free AI site that allows students to practice conversations with a chatbot. This site forces uses to create an account, and it has a basic function for free. There are lots of other levels that unlock the premium features. It might be worth looking into if you have a small school, a big budget or a grant! I was only able to use the chat feature, and in my opinion, it was not as user friendly for beginning students as Gliglish. Here’s a video on how to get started!

AI For Spanish Teachers

Well, I think it’s safe to say that AI for Spanish Teachers is here to stay! And perhaps if we harness it to help our students learn and build proficiency, we will find that they rely on it less to cheat.

Learning new things can be hard and uncomfortable. But one thing I have come to appreciate about being forced to learn something new: our students experience this multiple times every day. It’s very helpful for me to be reminded what that feels like on a regular basis. It makes me a more compassionate and patient teacher. Let me know which one you love! Message me at!


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