Ways To Reinforce Vocabulary in Spanish Class

6 Ways To Reinforce Vocabulary in Spanish Class

Reinforcing new vocabulary is an important aspect of language learning in the language class. Here are some ways to reinforce new vocabulary in Spanish class that will keep your students interested and engaged!


Flashcards: Use flashcards to practice new vocabulary. Students can make their own flashcards or use digital flashcards to practice vocabulary on the go.

When doing my Master’s Degree, this is what my research showed- that flashcards can be one of the most effective ways to store new vocabulary in the long term memory. Flashcards are especially impactful when there is a picture associated with the word!

Now-a-days, students can create or even find digital flashcards already made for them! And using them 3-4 times a day, for about the same number of minutes each time, is very beneficial. Also, once made, the flashcards can be used and re-sused! (Think review for final exams!)

Vocabulary Games For Spanish Class

I have a whole post on different vocabulary games HERE! Games make things fun and they increase student engagement. Play games such as bingo, memory, or matching games to reinforce new vocabulary. These games can be played in pairs or in small groups, and they make vocabulary practice more fun and engaging.

Other Ways To Reinforce Vocabulary in Spanish Class

We can’t just rely on rote memorization without context. Students need the opportunity to use their new words in situations for communication. Here are some other ideas!

Contextualization: Use real-life situations to contextualize new vocabulary. For example, practice new food vocabulary by describing a typical Spanish meal, or practice new clothing vocabulary by creating a fashion show in class.

Interactive activities: Use interactive activities such as guided conversations, open-ended prompts and integrated listening and speaking activities to reinforce new vocabulary. These activities require students to use new vocabulary in a practical and meaningful way.

Reading and writing: Read and write texts that include new vocabulary. This can be done through reading comprehension exercises, short writing assignments, or journaling. To get ideas, you can make up your own, you can ask students to help create them, and you can always purchase some when you are out of time or ideas!

Multimedia resources: Use multimedia resources such as videos, podcasts, or songs to reinforce new vocabulary. These resources can help students practice their listening skills and expose them to new vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Overall, reinforcing new vocabulary in Spanish class requires a variety of methods and approaches. By using a combination of these techniques, students can build their vocabulary skills and improve their overall Spanish proficiency.


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