grammar games for Spanish class

5 Grammar Games For Spanish Class

Though there are many Spanish teachers that no longer teach grammar discretely, there are many who do, or do some kind of mixture. If your students need to practice grammar, here is a fun list of grammar games for Spanish class! Students love games and often don’t realize that they’re even learning! Give them a try!

Los 6 mágios

This is one of the all-time favorite grammar games for Spanish class! Use it to practice conjugating. Let’s say students are learning the imperfect. You will create a full-page, 2 column list of verbs and subjects. Ej: yo/visitar or to differentiate, I/to visit. Students will be put in pairs with their desks facing each other and touching. Each student has an identical paper, but there will only be ONE pencil for both, and one die. Student A grabs the pencil and starts conjugating. Student B rolls the die until they roll a 6. Then that student yells “Dame el lápiz!”. Student A must drop the pencil and begin rolling the die. It’s fast-paced and relies on both skill and luck! Students LOVE this game, and you can scaffold by allowing students to have notes out.

Grammar Games for Spanish class
Students LOVE this game!

Digital Manipulatives as Grammar Games

Create movable tiles in Google Slides for students to practice syntax. I find this especially helpful when teaching them how to make questions or how to form a subjunctive sentence. It’s like a sentence scramble, but instead of writing out the words on a paper all scrambled up, or instead of cutting out millions of papers that get lost on the floor, students simply use their mouse to move the tiles around. Here’s an example!

Though this may not be a true grammar game, it feels like one to students! If you wanted to do this as a class activity, you could give students time to move their tiles, and then show them the right answer on your projector!

grammar games for Spanish class
Students drag and drop the tiles to form sentences!

Boom Cards

Boom cards are an awesome way to practice grammar! They are kind of like flashcards, but students need to answer a question. They can be multiple choice, fill-in, drag and drop etc. And the best thing is that the student needs to get it right before moving on! They are self-checking, which means students get feedback instantly without the teacher needing to correct anything! WIN for everyone!

Check out a preview of how they work HERE!

Minuto Loco

This grammar game for Spanish class is very basic, and reminds me of elementary school when we were memorizing our math facts! But… it’s quick, effective and can be used over and over again!

Create a doc that has 20 subject/verb combinations. Students may not begin to conjugate until you say GO! They will have a limited amount of time to conjugate all the verbs. (Usually 2 or 3 minutes.)

When I make one of these, I always copy it back-to-back. I use it at least twice. And because it’s so fast, it’s easy to boost student confidence by showing them how much they have improved! This can be from the beginning to the end of class, or one day to another day!

Sometimes I reduce the amount of time they have to complete it the 2nd time they try it. But I always ask them to write at the bottom how they improved. Did they finish more? Were they more accurate? Did they remember some of the irregulars? It’s a perfect game to do when memorization is important! And one last twist: add a column for them to translate the meaning!

No-Prep Grammar Games for Spanish Class!

Here’s the easiest of easy! On your board, write a pattern of 3 verbs going across and 4 down (so you will have 12 verbs). In pairs, students will use the verbs according to your instructions. For example: Student A must start with the first verb in the yo form. Student B must use the next verb down in the tú form. Student A uses the 3rd verb in the usted form. Time them! When the buzzer goes off, you change the instructions. Student A uses the first and second verb in a sentence. Student B uses the 2nd and 3rd verb. Or, student A uses the first verb. Student B has the use the 2nd verb to add to the story. There are a MILLION ways to change the rules slightly for each round! And there’s NO PREP!

Support students by allowing them to have notes out, or by grouping students strategically with their partner.


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