things I wish I knew about teaching Spanish

5 Things I Wish I Knew About Teaching Spanish

Are you beginning a new career as a high school Spanish teacher? After college and student teaching, I thought I knew what I was getting into! But as the saying goes, “Age before wisdom”! Wow have I learned a lot! And for anyone who thinks they could use the tips you don’t learn in college, here are my top 5 things I wish I knew about teaching Spanish when I started!

AP Spanish Projects

AP Spanish Projects: Part 1

Need some ideas for AP Spanish projects? Assigning projects has so many benefits! When your students complete projects, it often allows you to offer choice to make their learning as personal as possible. It gives flexibility to have students work in groups or alone, depending on the goal. AP Spanish projects offer students a way to showcase their Spanish is a very impressive way!

How To Keep Up Your Spanish

How To Keep Up Your Spanish

Spanish teachers, especially when they are not native Speakers of Spanish, often struggle with having their language skills decline once they enter the classroom. We may not use Spanish for long lengths of time, and often when we are using Spanish, we are finding ways to make it simple and comprehensible to our students. Here are some ideas for how to keep up your Spanish!

Spanish Teacher Summer reading list

Spanish Teacher Summer Reading List

How do you feel about your summer vacation time? Do you make a Spanish teacher summer reading list? I have to admit, that after completing 23 years as a full time Spanish teacher, I have gone through every stage. Stage 1: young, unmarried, no kids… meant I was teaching summer school or running summer camps. Then came the season of having little ones with trips to the park, the zoo, swimming lessons! During the Covid years, I wanted to not think for one second about school during the summer. And most recently, I find that the summer gives me time to think about my profession and get creative. (Once I have restored my energy and gotten my blood pressure back to normal!